What good does it do to teach your children about the Bible if they don’t know what to do with it? We want your child to go home knowing how Jesus wants them to live that week, so we bring things down to a simple level and give them practical illustrations of how to use what they learned at home.


Every child is different, and we realize that, so we have structured our children’s programs to minister not just to the group as a whole, but also to each individual. After the Bible lesson, each class is divided into small groups for encouragement and application. We want our young people to understand that God’s Word is personal, and that God loves them in a personal way.

youth group

The youth group at GoMission Baptist Church provides lots of opportunities for great memories, real friendships, and a connection with the One Who matters the most and cares the most for you! If you want life answers and meaning, God’s Word is where you need to look. And FBC’s youth group is where you can find God and His Word.

young adult

In a society where peer pressure is strong and faith is opposed, it is always rejuvenating to come apart and have some fun with Christian friends. Nearly every Friday or Saturday throughout the year, the young adult classes get together, whether to go on a hike in the mountains or on a trip to Valencia. Whatever the activity, you will quickly connect with other young adults in a great environment.

Adult groups

Life-stage small groups at GoMission Baptist Church are organized by Discovery Bible Fellowships. Each Fellowship is comprised of multiple small groups that meet together weekly to encourage one another to show our love for Jesus by obeying Him and sharing Him with others.

Senior groups

Through the ministries of GoMission Baptist Church, mature adults will find meaningful friendships, enjoyable activities, and a network of care where you can continue to grow in your faith. There is always a place for you to be involved! Help serve meals at church events, greet people as they come on campus, help around the church offices, and much more.