Exceeded Expectations

Summer 2019

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” Ephesians 3:20

This summer I had the opportunity to travel with Minutemen Ministries on the Cola-Clash team. Our travels took us to 10 different churches, across six states, on a journey of over 2,800 miles that resulted in seeing two hundred and fifty young people place their dependence on Christ alone for salvation! Although I loved having the opportunity to travel and to minister to churches and teens all over the country, traveling had its challenges as well! Our weekly schedule consisted of things like special music on Sundays, room and field set up, approximately 14 hours of recruiting, contacting our recruits, and running the Cola-Clash nights, just to name a few. In the midst of trying to accomplish all of these tasks, it did not take long for our team to become aware of our inability in seeing the Cola-Clash happen successfully. But, as the team learned to humble ourselves before the Lord and to plead with Him in prayer, we would see impossibilities happen.

If I were to summarize the number one lesson that the Lord has taught me over the summer it would be that, God delights in exceeding our expectations. This became more true to us as the summer progressed and as we saw the Lord do miracle after miracle through our lives.

All throughout the summer we saw hardened hearts broken, attendances doubled, storms scattered, closed doors opened, and specific numbers of souls saved over and over again. I remember there were times that as we prayed that I would think, “there’s no way this can happen!” but The Lord would prove Himself faithful every time.

One of the miracles that sticks out the most for me this summer was Robert. When Robert was first invited to the Cola-Clash I received a very abrupt, “No. I’m an atheist, I don’t do church.” He seemed very adamant that he was not going to come, but our team took the matter before the Lord and asked for Him to work.

The first night of the rally came and as teens began to show up I was pleasantly surprised to see Robert standing there! He stayed the entire time, and after the Gospel message at the end I walked up to him and asked him what he thought about the message. He expressed very little interest, reminding me that he was an atheist, and did not want to discuss the topic any farther. I sent him home that evening with a tract, plead with him to read it, and asked him to talk to me about it on one of the other nights. I remember our team praying the morning of the final rally night, asking the Lord to do a breakthrough in Robert’s heart and to convince him of the reality of God.

Robert came back again that final night, and after the Gospel invitation I looked up and saw him walking toward me. So I thought I’d ask him again, “Robert, what did you think of the message?” He looked me in the eyes and with a simple smile told me, “Tonight… tonight I liked it.” Our team finished that night rejoicing in the work of the Lord for the young man who started his week as an atheist, and finished it as a child of God.

We saw miracles like Robert all throughout our entire summer. Impossible situations changed into the possible due to the working of God. The Lord convinced me more than ever this summer, that I am nothing; that programs and rallies, in and of themselves, are nothing. But, when God steps in, the impossible happens. Our God is not bound by statistics or circumstances and when we bring our request to Him He delights in answering our prayers and exceeding our every expectation.

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